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Autumn Garden

Dazzling Fall Colour. Must-Have Plants!

If you are looking for dazzling fall colour in your gardens, here are a few plants from my must-have list. Just remember, the more sunlight a plant receives directly on its foliage during the summer, the bright their fall colour will be.

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Ornamental grasses for your gardens. Love them or don’t!

Home gardening has changed in recent years with the increased use of ornamental grasses in design.  Grasses provoke very interesting responses from my clients. They either love ornamental grasses, or they don’t.  Why plant ornamental grasses? It’s hard to get […]

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10 of the Best Perennials for Mostly Sun, Long Blooming, and Low Maintenance

The Basics! Like many of you, I want colour in my garden throughout the season without much fuss. I don’t have time to tend to perennials every day, so, I need plants that will thrive and be work-horses in the […]

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