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Native plants encourage songbirds and caterpillars to your gardens

Selecting native plant species for home gardens has become a popular trend over the last decade. It’s a shift in the way we think about our residential garden designs.  Most gardeners believe ‘traditional English plants’ are the only flowers for […]

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Let’s talk about those leafrollers!

When you see damage on Spring hydrangea leaves, it’s most likely leafrollers. At this time of year, leafrollers are tiny green caterpillars that take hydrangea leaves and either (1) glue the leaf edges together with silk webbing or (2) take […]

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Controlling and Eliminating Ants, Naturally

The Basics. Over the past week as the weather has been warming up, I’ve noticed a lot of ants both inside and outside my house. As much as I love spring, I don’t love the ants that come with it. […]

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