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Fall Colour & Texture

Dazzling Fall Colour. Must-Have Plants!

If you are looking for dazzling fall colour in your gardens, here are a few plants from my must-have list. Just remember, the more sunlight a plant receives directly on its foliage during the summer, the bright their fall colour will be.

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The Power Of Native Plants

Sustainable, Native, Pollinators Imagine a garden that is not only beautiful and inviting but is also a model of a sustainable eco-system. Native plants, ones that occur naturally in the local surroundings, tend to be better adapted to the local […]

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The Autumn Garden. Make it Alluring.

Ah, Autumn… Sweater Weather! The time of year dedicated to grand colour changes.   A time when our thoughts wander to putting our gardens to bed, maybe raking leaves, or moving around a few perennials. The Autumn Garden I believe the […]

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