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Native plants encourage songbirds and caterpillars to your gardens

Selecting native plant species for home gardens has become a popular trend over the last decade. It’s a shift in the way we think about our residential garden designs.  Most gardeners believe ‘traditional English plants’ are the only flowers for […]

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Watering Flowering Perennials | My Best Advice

What Are Flowering Perennials? A flowering perennial or simply called ‘a perennial’ is an outdoor plant that lives longer than 2 years. Perennials emerge in the spring after the snow is gone and temperatures warm, flower (at different times) throughout […]

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Life Lessons from the Garden

Gardens teach us things about our lives and change who we are. After 50 years spent in gardens, I think I’ve gained a few tidbits of wisdom about gardening and life. From an early age, I understood gardening is like […]

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