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Planting Tips for Weekend Warriors

A ‘Must Watch’ for anyone planting, anything! It doesn’t matter if you are planting a large tree or a small perennial – the planting techniques are the same! Planting Tips Select a location for your new plant. Dig a hole wider and […]

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What’s New and Trending

Coming to A Garden Near You! Coming to a Garden Near You! Get a Big Bang! Dwarf shrubs for the urban garden. Many of your favourite flowering shrubs now come in dwarf sizes to accommodate smaller, more urban gardens.  You […]

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Setting the stage for butterflies!

I could spend hours watching butterflies in my gardens.  I find them fascinating. Butterflies are nature’s beautiful garden dancers. Attracting these dancing pixies to your yard requires a bit of butterfly know-how and garden planning.  Understanding butterflies It doesn’t take much to lure butterflies to come and dance in your gardens.  Nectar […]

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