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Outdoor Inspiration and Gardening How-Tos!

Planting Tips

Let’s talk about those leafrollers!

When you see damage on hydrangea leaves, it’s most likely leafrollers. Leafrollers are tiny green caterpillars that take hydrangea leaves and either (1) glue the leaf edges together with silk webbing or (2) take a single leaf and roll it […]

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How much sun does my garden receive? And, why is this so important?

Sun, water, and soil are vital to promoting healthy plant growth. Perennial gardeners usually want abundant blooms, so understanding how much sun a garden area receives is important to select ‘the right plant for the right location.’ When plants that […]

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How to Maintain and Care for your Trees

The Basics Trees need our attention to thrive!  Healthy roots are essential for growing healthy trees. Roots absorb water and nutrients for growth and help stabilize trees so they don’t fall over. Trees reduce stormwater runoff, air pollination, and carbon […]

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