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Facts and Fables about growing Peony

Botanical Name:  Paeonia spp. Flower colours: Pink, purple, red, white and yellow Peonies are perennial herbaceous plants that come back year after year with large, fragrant blooms. They are long-lived, with some lasting up to 100 years old. They require […]

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The Art of Garden Design

Amazing gardens require both artistic composition and horticultural expertise to create spaces that not only look good, but make you feel good.   A Few Design Tips Gardens set the tone for your home. Select a plant colour palette that reflects […]

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What’s New and Trending

Coming to A Garden Near You! Coming to a Garden Near You! Get a Big Bang! Dwarf shrubs for the urban garden. Many of your favourite flowering shrubs now come in dwarf sizes to accommodate smaller, more urban gardens.  You […]

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