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Native plants encourage songbirds and caterpillars to your gardens

Selecting native plant species for home gardens has become a popular trend over the last decade. It’s a shift in the way we think about our residential garden designs.  Most gardeners believe ‘traditional English plants’ are the only flowers for […]

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Plants That Deter Rodents and Grow in Clay!

Hello Gardeners.  The Question of the Week! I had a question from Alyssa regarding what to plant in order to deter rodents from her garden and plants that do well in clay soil?  When it comes to rodents, plants with […]

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Six essential spring flowering garden tips

The Basics April brings out the eager gardener in everyone. We want to get out there and cutback perennials, prune shrubs and putter about in the sunshine. Here are a few essential tips for opening your flowering gardens this spring. […]

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