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Lexi Dearborn


Welcome to the Gabby Gardener. I’m Lexi Dearborn.
I’m excited to share with you posts on gardening, horticulture, planning, design, lighting and so much more.
Have a read and drop me a line if there’s something special you’d like more information on.

Professional Landscape Designer | Certified Horticulturalist

Residential Rain Gardens

A Rain Garden is an engineered landscape feature that takes advantage of rain, storm water, and melting snow by collecting and temporarily storing the runoff from eaves troughs, lawns, driveways and walkways. Rain Garden Elements The garden design and plant […]

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Colour throughout the Seasons. Great Combinations!

Perennial combinations that really work! Do you want gardens that bloom all season?  Planning is the key to creating a perennial garden with colour from spring to frost.  Here are a few of my favourite perennial combinations! MAY AND JUNE […]

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Annual Containers for Instead Colour!

After a long, cold winter, I need colour! Annual containers are one of the fastest and easiest ways to add colour to any landscape.  Instead Colour!  A few containers filled with nonstop blooming annuals surrounding a tropical focal point can do the […]

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