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Define a Contemporary Modern Design

Contemporary design is characterized by geometric shapes, clean lines, and open garden spaces. Although these landscapes may initially appear cold and unwelcoming due to their use of sleek materials and architectural plants, a contemporary landscape can actually be quite inviting. It all comes down to how you bring everything together!

Clean Lines. Simple Touches. Contemporary Design.

Keep the Design Warm!

Remember the following design tips:

  • Choose stones or pavers with warm tones like purple and red to create a cozy feel.
  • Use oversized pavers and slabs for a contemporary look as they help reduce visual clutter.
  • Add interest to the design with fire elements, a water feature, or an interesting sculpture or artwork.
  • Opt for architectural plants with unique shapes and textures rather than focusing on blooms.
  • Plant in masses or linear rows to maintain a clean and simple modern theme throughout the garden.
  • Introduce pops of color with furniture, containers, rugs, accents, and pillows.
  • Incorporate navy as the new outdoor neutral and pair it with coral, aqua, gray, cream, or gold for a fresh or luxurious outdoor look.

Great for Planting in Rows or Hedges

  • Bloodgood Japanese Maple
  • Boxwood hedge
  • Lavender hedge
  • Yew hedge
  • Bobo Hydrangea; Fire Light Hydrangea; Quick Fire Hydrangea
  • Karl Foerster Reed Feather Grass
  • Skyracer Purple Moor Grass
Bobo Hydrangea, Proven Winners
Fire Light Hydrangea, Proven Winners

Great for Mass Planting (more than five plants together)

  • Cutleaf Stephanandra
  • Pow Wow Coneflower
  • Yellow Iris
  • Double Scoop Orangeberry Coneflower
  • Russian Sage
  • Crocosmia
  • Purple Salvia or Hyssop
  • Purple Liatris
  • Variegated Hosta
  • Native Ferns
  • Yucca
  • Hamlyn or Red Head Fountain Grass
  • Blue Oat Grass
  • Big Blue Stem
  • Mexican Feather Grass
Mass plant to keep garden spaces feeling open
Planting of lavender hedge with dwarf hydrangea

The aim of contemporary modern design is to maintain simple lines and open spaces. Add interest and color with accent pieces such as pillows that can be easily changed out. Limit the plant selections to a few, so the garden doesn’t feel cluttered.

Have fun!

The Gabby Gardener

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