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Let’s talk about those leafrollers!

When you see damage on hydrangea leaves, it’s most likely leafrollers. Leafrollers are tiny green caterpillars that take hydrangea leaves and either (1) glue the leaf edges together with silk webbing or (2) take a single leaf and roll it […]

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What to Plant with a Mature Lilac?

Brilliant Ideas! Companion Planting! Are you wondering what you can plant with mature lilac? You’d be surprised to know that there are a number of amazing plants that work well in the same garden as a mature lilac. Pamela asked […]

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Plants That Deter Rodents and Grow in Clay Soils!

Hello Gardeners.  The Question of the Week! I had a question from Alyssa regarding what to plant to deter rodents from her garden and do well in clay soil.  Plants with strong or particularly nasty smells tend to be good […]

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