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10 of the Best Perennials for Mostly Sun, Long Blooming, and Low Maintenance

The Basics! Like many of you, I want colour in my garden throughout the season without much fuss. I don’t have time to tend to perennials every day, so, I need plants that will thrive and be work-horses in the […]

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Why do plants wilt on hot days? What perennials work well in hot, dry conditions?

Water, Water, Water! There are a few reasons why plants wilt however, the most common reason plants wilt is from a lack of water. Turgor Pressure is Important Simply, plants wilt when there isn’t enough water in their leaves and […]

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The Art of Garden Design

Amazing gardens require both artistic composition and horticultural expertise to create spaces that not only look good, but make you feel good.   A Few Design Tips Gardens set the tone for your home. Select a plant colour palette that reflects […]

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