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Spring Gardens

Let’s talk about those leafrollers!

When you see damage on Spring hydrangea leaves, it’s most likely leafrollers. At this time of year, leafrollers are tiny green caterpillars that take hydrangea leaves and either (1) glue the leaf edges together with silk webbing or (2) take […]

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Caring for Plants. Healthy Roots, Healthy Plants.

The Basics In 2020, we had a winter with very little snow and a spring with very little rain. In May, we went from a cool weather to hot summer-like temperatures within two weeks. As a result, we had very […]

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Six essential spring flowering garden tips

The Basics April brings out the eager gardener in everyone. We want to get out there and cutback perennials, prune shrubs and putter about in the sunshine. Here are a few essential tips for opening your flowering gardens this spring. […]

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