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Perennial Cornflower (Centaurea montana) sometimes called Perennial Bachelor’s Buttons.

This amazing June blooming perennial will be at home in any garden.  Great for cottage gardens, perennial borders, and wildlife gardens. Very showy with upright stems holding colourful thistle-like blooms. This was one of my grandmother’s favorites.  Over the years I have planted cornflower in 3 different colours – blue, hot pink, and white however the white seems to have disappeared over the years. Opps.

Cornflower attracts bees to the yard!

Cornflower is happy growing in full sun or a bit of shade – not too much shade or it won’t bloom. Foliage is silver-green with deep lobes (cuts) so attractive after blooms are finished.  Long-lived, it can re-seed easily if you don’t deadhead the faded blooms. If you want new plants, leave the seedheads. You need to make sure to water well (at least twice per week) in the first growing season.  Cornflower is considered drought tolerant once established.  Low maintenance. Cutback in spring, feed and you’re good to go.  Does well in a wide range of soils from quick draining to light clay but will not thrive with wet feet (roots) or standing water.

Hot pink blooms in early June attract native bees

Attracts butterflies, native bees, and honeybees.  Place with early blooming perennials like poppies, perennial geranium, german iris, spring alliums, flowering peony and spiderwort. Great as cutflowers. 

Blue cornflower blooms through my blue hosta

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