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Digging 50 years of Gardening

Plant a seed and it will grow!

It always amazes me that a seed can grow in the most adverse conditions. The dandelion grows in the crack of an asphalt driveway. The acorn seedling pushes through the forest floor.

Plant a seed, it will grow!

With a little light, some heat and a bit of water, a seed will germinate and grow into a beautiful flower, even though it’s in an adverse environment.

Idea seeds!

I’ve always believed ideas are much like seeds. An idea can grow into wonderful possibilities.

My most inspiring ideas have come when I’m not feeling strong about who I am. With a bit of nurturing, encouragement from the people I trust, and a whole lot of passion, my idea seeds have grown into the most delightful possibilities and remarkable adventures.

“Plant a seed even in the face of adversity. It brings hope.”

Be determined.

To be hopeful is to look on the future positively, to see opportunity in challenges, to look on the bright side of life.” The daily

Lexi Dearborn | The Gabby Gardener

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