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Sunday Read

Great perennials for shade, that are not hostas

When we think about planting in shade, most people think hostas. However, hostas are not everyone’s ‘Cup of Tea.’ There are a number of really great perennial plants that thrive in shade and are fun to mix and match with […]

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Unravel the mystery of reading plant tags

Reading plant tags can feel a bit overwhelming, however, the information on a plant tag is important. It’s the key to helping you successfully select plants for your home gardens and containers. Let’s see if we can ‘unravel the mystery’ […]

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Life Lessons from the Garden

Gardens teach us things about our lives and change who we are. After 50 years spent in gardens, I think I’ve gained a few tidbits of wisdom about gardening and life. From an early age, I understood gardening is like […]

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