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Welcome to the Gabby Gardener. I’m Lexi Dearborn.
I’m excited to share with you posts on gardening, horticulture, planning, design, lighting and so much more.
Have a read and drop me a line if there’s something special you’d like more information on.

Professional Landscape Designer | Certified Horticulturalist

Great perennials for shade, that are not hostas

Many people consider hostas as the go-to option for planting in the shade. However, hostas are not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. Several fantastic perennial plants thrive in the shade and can be mixed and matched with your hostas for a […]

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Unravel the mystery of reading plant tags

Although reading plant tags may seem overwhelming, the information they provide is crucial for successfully selecting plants for your home gardens and containers. Let’s see if we can ‘unravel the mystery’ of plant tag lingo. Not all plant tags are […]

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Facts and Fables about growing Peony

Botanical Name:  Paeonia spp. Flower colours: Pink, purple, red, white and yellow Peonies are perennial herbaceous plants that come back year after year with large, fragrant blooms. They are long-lived, with some lasting up to 100 years old. They require […]

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