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Lexi Dearborn


Welcome to the Gabby Gardener. I’m Lexi Dearborn.
I’m excited to share with you posts on gardening, horticulture, planning, design, lighting and so much more.
Have a read and drop me a line if there’s something special you’d like more information on.

Professional Landscape Designer | Certified Horticulturalist

Landscape construction is like a train!

I’ve always thought of landscape construction as a big, long train. A heavy locomotive or two leads the way, with boxcars following behind, all trudging down the tracks. And sometimes, there’s a locomotive at the back pushing things along. This […]

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Life Lessons from the Garden

Digging 50 years of Gardening Plant a seed and it will grow! It always amazes me that seeds can grow in the most adverse conditions. The dandelion grows in the crack of an asphalt driveway, and the acorn seedling pushes […]

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Easy Care Perennials from My Garden

Perennial Cornflower (Centaurea montana) sometimes called Perennial Bachelor’s Buttons. This exceptional June-blooming perennial will be at home in any garden. It is perfect for cottage gardens, perennial borders, and wildlife gardens. It is very showy, with upright stems holding colourful […]

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